For Contributors

Interface is an online platform for debate about the societal relevance and impacts of our work, as well as to inspire a wider discussion of related themes and issues. We’re part of the Collaborative Research Centre ‘Media of Cooperation’, an international and interdisciplinary research community with more than 60 researchers working across the humanities, social sciences, information sciences, and medical sciences based at the University of Siegen, Germany.


We explore a variety of themes and issues that emerge at the intersection of digital media technology and society. We particularly welcome contributions of the following types:

  • Explorations of themes and issues related to the (current or historical) societal impacts of online and digital media (tools, products, services; apps, platforms, infrastructure).
  • Reflections on the practicalities of doing (digital) scholarship within the humanities, social sciences, information sciences, or medical sciences.
  • Considerations of the societal impacts of your research or research area.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about the appropriateness or fit of a contribution idea.


Contributions or contribution ideas may be submitted to Please include with your submission a brief biographical note (50-100 words) for all authors.

Submissions should be in English, ideally written in an accessible style to address a wide audience who may not always be familiar with specialised academic terminology or jargon. Contributions should be around 750–1,500 words in length, to encourage concise discussion of themes and issues, though shorter and lengthier submissions will also be received. In addition to written submissions, we are also keen to receive contributions that are partly or entirely not text-based, such as image series, recordings, or others (multi)media formats.

To enable a quicker submission turnaround, please ensure that your submission meets the following formatting and style guidelines.


  • Titles should be short and concise, with no subtitles.
  • British (preferred) or American English spelling may be used if followed consistently.
  • Headings should be in Sentence case, with most major and minor words in lowercase, except for proper nouns, which are always capitalised.
  • Use ‘single’ (curly) quotation marks, with “double” (curly) quotation marks for citations inside cited material. For contested terms, use ‘single’ quotation marks as well.
  • Titles of publications and projects should be italicised.
  • Italics should also be used for emphasis (not bold or underlined).
  • Use in-text hyperlinks to cite or reference materials. Contributions should be self-contained and not be accompanied by a list of academic references and/or notes.
  • Non-written materials (images, audio, video) should be placed within the body text of the contribution, as well as be sent as separate files (.jpg, .png, .gif), preferably in high quality.
  • Length should be around 750–1,500 words (3,000–6,500 characters).


For written submissions, you may use our Google Docs template (or ‘File’ ⟩ ‘Download’ to use other formats).